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Some of the activities you can do in Salento

Experiences not to be missed

Food and wine tours, boat tours, guided tours of historic villages and nature adventures. Experience the authenticity of Salento and create unforgettable memories!


For those who want to visit Salento from a different and original angle, surely trekking is the best activity.

It is a land that deserves to be observed in every component, to be walked for hours and hours savoring all its details. On the other hand, trekking is also a way to get away, both physically and mentally from one’s everyday life, forget the hurry that characterizes everyday life, noise, chaos, and traffic, and surrender to the scents and colors of nature. Move in a pure environment, explore areas far from everyday life, observe, listen and get excited…!


If even on vacation you don’t want to give up your climbing, you should know that in the magical Salento region, it is possible to free climb on high cliffs that contour the Salento coast and overlook a fairy-tale sea. A totally unique way to enjoy the cliffs of Salento, amid the dark color of the rock and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the Salento Verticale project, which has begun a whole series of works to provide safe and usable climbing for all, residents and visitors alike. The Salento crags have undergone accommodations that have resulted in 38 new roads, new bolts and 3 large sectors, not to mention the rehabilitation of the impressive Ciolo canyon.

Truly spectacular places that are sure to give you unique free-climbing thrills.

Mountain Bike

B&B Donnalina offers day trips within the Salento area. A land of ancient traditions, Salento is the ideal place to practice this sport.

The opportunities are numerous and for everyone, professional two-wheelers and recreational cyclists, and especially for those who enjoy hiking in nature.

The scenery in front of you will consist of roads rich in history, hidden paths, and bicycle routes that will lead you to discover a land in which the colors and scents of Salento are accompanied by the lights and aromas of the Mediterranean. You will see a limpid sea of unparalleled beauty, Messapian, Norman and Baroque settlements , parks and protected oases and then a countryside marked, by endless kilometers of dry stone walls, dotted with the ” secular olive trees” , the guardians of time, and by the generous vineyards that give rise to wines and oils now famous throughout the world.

Boat Excursions

And if you just want to enjoy the sun and the sea without any effort, you can take advantage of the boat excursions organized daily.From almost every marina in Salento, it is possible to go into the open sea thanks to the many services of guided boat excursions. Through two- or four-hour tours, expert guides will show you every nook and cranny of the coast and the historic and characteristic caves set in the cliffs on both the Adriatic and Ionian sides.


The Salento Adriatic coast is rich in inlets, caves and walls that reflect underwater the riches of the emerged land. The fauna and flora that color the sheer cliffs and populate the submerged and semi-submerged caves accompany the diver to discover some of the lesser known and exploited seabed of the Italian coast. In addition, the trade that took place along these shores since ancient times is evidenced by wrecks and anchors from all eras. Near the DonnaLina B&B the ECO DI MARE association can help you with all of this.

Cooking class

Live an authentic culinary experience in Vignacastrisi, enter the home of Rocco, a professional sommelier, and prepare incredible home cooking

What it includes:

  • cooking class,
  • water,
  • welcome drink,
  • Red wine: Negramaro del Salento,
  • homemade limoncello.
Kayak Coast

DonnaLina B&B offers you the extraordinary opportunity to admire nature from the sea. The various excursions include visits to more picturesque stretches of the Salento coastline with opportunities to swim in crystal-clear waters, troll fish, or visit the most picturesque stretches of the Salento coastline.

Among the routes where you absolutely cannot miss a kayak excursion, I highlight:

  • the stretch of coast between Santa Cesarea and Castro, discovering the wonderful sulfur caves, and the Zinzulusa cave;
  • a visit to the Grotta degli Amanti, near San Foca, on the Adriatic coastline of Salento. Particularly striking, the cave is named after an ancient legend;
  • the Porto Selvaggio nature reserve, where the beauty of natural vistas and semi-submerged caves is combined with the fascination of numerous archaeological sites.
Wine Tasting

Wine tasting at local wineries with visit to winery or venue